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WHY 13AUTOS (RMVT M407405 )?

With over 25 years of combined experience, we started 13Autos. Our aim is as simple - to sell cars. Like all other car dealerships, we also claim to sell quality cars with excellent service, warranty, etc. Why, then, should you visit 13Autos?

The answer is simple; we are targeting a small market share. We aim to supply cars to local buyers who need ease of purchase and can visit us if they need us. Therefore, we are approachable and local. Targeting the Hamilton market means we focus on the needs of the buyer in Hamilton.


Our buyers need better fuel economy; therefore, we have many hybrids like Toyota Sai, Toyota Aqua, Toyota Prius, Nissan Note E-power, Toyota C-HR, and many more. You can check out our hybrid stock at

We also have a reasonable demand for petrol cars. So, we have stocked a decent range of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and performance cars. We focus on offering the best range of vehicles at 13 Autos.


We do not claim to be the cheapest but strive to be the best. We believe you get what you pay for; the cheapest is not always the best. We still try to be competitive without compromising on quality and service. We are open to reasonable offers as we want to be local and serve locals.


We have supply sources from Japan auctions as well as within New Zealand. Because we have several suppliers who specialize in different segments, we have access to a massive range of cars which we can source for you if you have any specific requirements.


Our finance partner, MONTAY FINANCE, has an answer for all your automotive financing needs. Having served over 2,500 customers, they have the experience, means, and facilities with various fanciers to get you the best deal. Also, finance is never one size fits all; we provide custom-tailored finance that suits your needs.


You have two options if you wish to let go of your current vehicle.

Sell it privately, and you might get a better price than what we or any other dealer can offer, but that involves a lot of work. Trade in your car with us without any hassle. You might not get the same price as selling privately, but it will be an easy and smooth transaction. We will still try to offer you the best deal on your trade-in vehicle.

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