Latest Cars

2021 Mazda Cx-5

SUV, Automatic, 53,859 km, 2488 cc, #489


2002 Lexus Es300

Sedan, Automatic, 158,267 km, 2995 cc, #482


2015 Toyota Prius

Sedan, Automatic, 70,795 km, 1800 cc, #440


2017 Toyota Corolla

Station Wagon, Automatic, 82,883 km, 1496 cc, #136008


2001 Mazda Tribute

SUV, Automatic, 248,961 km, 2960 cc, #486


2009 Bmw 320i

Sedan, Automatic, 91,529 km, 1998 cc, #485


About Our Dealership

About 13 Autos

With over 25 years of combined experience, we started 13Autos. Our aim is as simple - to sell cars. Like all other car dealerships, we also claim to sell quality cars with excellent service, warranty, etc. Why, then, should you visit 13Autos?

The answer is simple; we are targeting a small market share. We aim to supply cars to local buyers who need ease of purchase and can visit us if they need us. Therefore, we are approachable and local. Targeting the Hamilton market means we focus on the needs of the buyer in Hamilton.

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